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         //iprintln("in the while loop!");
      currentweapon = players getCurrentWeapon();
         if(currentweapon == "m2_flamethrower_zombie_upgraded")
            while(players isfiring())
            if(players isMelee...
329 days ago
After many days and nights I'm almost done with squashing the bugs. Next I'll work on some of the collision in Der Reise. Can I edit most of it through scripting? I know I can spawn new collisions. Can I despawn some of the ones the devs put in place?
333 days ago
Quick little update.
I've fixed the knifing problem with the thing. Before, when I knifed at the ground it would also let me fly (why did the devs code that knifing is the same as "firing"? These and other existential questions at 9).
Now it works as intended.  One...
346 days ago
I thought about that actually. Thinking I would need to delete the pullout animations so it would switch instantaneously without the player noticing the switch. 
370 days ago
True lol,
Thanks for checking it out! Yea, surprised Treyarch didn't do the blue flame thing in the first place since it only took me and the gf about 4 hrs to get it working and it seems like kind of a no-brainer (and most of that time was trying different colors and arguing which lo...
371 days ago
I know people have wanted a blue flame for the upgraded flamethrower. Still working on making it not look so white lol. There is a purple one if you go to my imgur.
Thanks to CHN for his tut and BluntStuffy.  T...
374 days ago


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