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Just gotta say again, this is one of the best maps I've seen in a while. It's simple, yet fun. All the way down until the end. The only thing that was a smidge bit frustrating was finding the door to one of the secret rooms (The little cube easter egg) that would allow me and my friend to ge...
187 days ago
From what I could find and do, it's a very fun map, I just can't find the key to power. I'll find it on youtube later. I find if funny I can't do that but I am able to accidentally stumble upon the 4000 point gun easter egg
192 days ago
This honestly is one of the best maps I've seen in a while, for it's size and how much it feels there is to do, along with the suicidal like boss round, which i found entertaining. I can't wait to play this more with friends, and I feel next to origins, this can be one of my favorite map...
192 days ago
Hello, I played this map recently on stream! It seemed pretty fun to me. So what I like is how simple and fun this is as a map, it's not like you have to do some crazy easter egg just to access Jug. What I will say I have a small problem with is the inability to do this multiplayer. Maybe m...
192 days ago
I just wanna say, I wish to see all maps remade in all CoD games with mod support from WAW to BO3. Thank you for pushing that one bit farther. I hope to see an origins remake one day and seeing a Moon remake out of all things gives me hope for that. Awesome looking map, gonna try it out soon
201 days ago
Looks really cool! I'll check it out now. I really enjoyed Reichstag so I assume I'll love this
313 days ago


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