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Messages - Scobalula

6 years ago
good to know my help didn't matter in the end  :please:

6 years ago
6 years ago
6 years ago
What is the point of setting the progress bar to 100% if you are not going to release the map anyway?

April 1st. was two weeks ago, you massive troll.

tru tru  :derp:
6 years ago
I've released a map for each gun added to this mod in this time period  :alone: :lol: :rainbow: :nyan: :derp:

!! Invalid download link for download button !!

I got completed school, got a job, got a house, married, got another job, had kids, kids are in college, kids moved out and now I'm retiring.
6 years ago
will dis have MOTD round sounds  :derp:
6 years ago
this says otherwise

6 years ago
fk up
6 years ago
But when I played a version of Der Riese that had upgraded graphics, the same glitch happened on both.  Wouldnt using a second map as reference actually leave room for certain areas or items to not be fully scaled to the original anyway?  For example, you know the mod that adds perk machines to Nacht and modern weapons?  If you load the mod, you go to the menu like you do without mods, and you start the map that way, there's no way they used the original map as reference because the mod doesn't even use a seperate map, only the stock one.  Maybe I was a little confused.
Is there any site online that has a .map made for the base maps?

It's possible to extract the maps and import it into Radiant as a model, most people that do that, do it via Ninjaripper, etc. then map over that, however generating .map files from the .d3dbsp (the compiled map) is close to impossible, optimizations, etc. done to the map during the compile removes a lot of data, think of a compiled map as a giant model.

The most people have done public atm is entity data from the BSP files.
6 years ago
I've been doing some research on how I'm unable to see the zombie counter in the zombies game mode. After doing some extensive digging, I think I've noticed something wrong. Let me make it clear now that my game works perfectly (minus a few crashes here and there)

After installing T4M, I never noticed that the picture in that thread contains a WaW root folder that looks 'VERY' different from my own until now. In my research, I heard of people talking about folders like "raw" and "maps" and file extensions like ".gsc". Folders and files I've never seen or heard of before. I'm thinking that these folders either don't exist on my computer or are in other locations on my computer. This may explain why I'm missing my zombie counter and perhaps other HUD elements that could be deemed "not vanilla." Can anyone help me with this?

P.S. I understand that the root folder for a map/mod maker and the root folder for a normal user may have differences, but this seems a little bit excessive...

Their folder:
(Image removed from quote.)
My Folder:
(Image removed from quote.)

If you do not have the Mod Tools installed your root folder is perfectly fine. The zombies counter isn't apart of the stock game, but wouldn't be hard to make into a mod that can be used on stock maps (check around as someone might have made it).

You don't make much sense. If you think there is a zombie counter normally in the game, your extensive digging is for not as there is no such thing as a Zombie Counter in stock WaW zombies. It would be nice if you could be more specific or elaborate on this...?

It is a feature (Usually scripting or a HUD Element) that is added in by the custom map creator. Your raw is here,

Your "maps" will be inside of your mods > mapname folder and also in your raw folder. .GSC is gamescript. These are notepad documents like this for example:

T4M is trash lol.

Your folder is just to play CoD WaW. The other folder is all the files necessary to make maps.

What he said made sense to me, your comprehension skills suck.
6 years ago
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