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hey guys, so today im playing on map Ascension and i got a gersch device from the box but when i throw it, it doesn't work.. its just laying there and do nothing and dissappear...

any solution?
893 days ago
just downloaded the map, it feels so good and expansive.. at first sight i thought it was just an usual survive-in-a-building map but as i continue to open the doors, it gives me that "expansively big" feel to the map and oh my i am loving every single goodness in this map..

in one of my play session, i got this little bug where at the final step of the Endgame sequence i was supposed to respawn at the plane after surviving the underground battle but nope, i respawn back on the floor like nothing happened  :please:  :lol:
898 days ago
Crack em Up!!!

hello guys, my name is Ricky. im a new in this forum. i got this forum site from some of my friend who also play COD zombies and they recommend me this site for some of the best maps and mods for COD so yeah i register and join in.

im looking forward for the maps and mods you guys are offering.
909 days ago


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