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I have a bit of a question... why in the get_zw_count function, why do you write:

   if ( IS_TRUE( enemies.ignore_enemy_count ) )
   ARRAY_ADD( level.curren...
1230 days ago
First of all - Thanks for releasing your script! Second of all, is this script just counting the zombies that have spawned? So it's max number would be that of 24 (the total possible instances of zombies on a m...
1230 days ago
Zombie Counter for BO3 Custom maps

Go to Root>usermaps>...
1238 days ago
I was looking for a tut found couple didnt work for me so i made one that wokred for me.

the following steps worked for me you can try it if your box isn't moving and keep re-spawning in the same spot

Lets get started

Radiant Se...
3116 days ago
if you were having trouble with your zombies not rising out of ground try this fix.

Open the gsc file _zombiemode_spawners

find the codeblock
[code]if( ( level.script == "nazi_zombie_sumpf" || level.script == "nazi_zombie_factory") &&
3116 days ago
Results May Vary

Download the linked file and open it using Winrar and follow the steps.

Updated Link

3116 days ago


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