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BIG issue loading the map. For me AND my friends. Even te ones with godly PCs. The issue is when we load the map itsays something about max MB of 10 and that it always "exceeds" the limit. If we put the map on 480p it works. But that's it. IDK how this kind of thing would be fixed, bu...
1433 days ago
Update: This version will allow you to do the Easter egg even if you don't have the COTD or Shangri-la achievements
1725 days ago
I feel like you could be the one to remake every zombie map made by treyarch to put in Waw with your own twist. This looks great so far  :D Good work!

1981 days ago
I was experiencing a few bugs with the time bomb such as resetting all of the red switches. Also the paralizer would be nice to be able to fly;) Since the paralizer slows the zombies it slows the player and then time speeds up VERY fast. The map is very well scripted but maybe a counter for how many...
1986 days ago
Wow. I can say this is an amazing map. For the more skilled player I can see. This map made me very mad when i first played it and i thought it was shit but then I got further, found a strategy that worked well. I eventually tried an easter egg run and i beat the map in about 20 minutes with 10 roun...
2023 days ago
Great Great map I'm looking forward to. Will the staff parts be the same..? Also, will the panzer rounds be the same?
2028 days ago


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