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they move towards you but stop if the player is too close or too far away, you probably made them go through walls then went out of range from them so they got stuck

Correct. I run around ...
1066 days ago
I'm having an issue with dropss disappearing with magnet.
1067 days ago
This makes my day a little better. I haven't ran BO3 in a bit, unfortunately.
1105 days ago
Buggy. Zombies walk the other way, attracted to doors like it's Black Friday and I got suck on all kinds of corpses (floating torsos also)
1135 days ago
Great map. Although I bought the ending at round 22 without a down, I'll be playing a lot more. That PaP'd shotgun is a beast.
1198 days ago
I payed.... just going through the installation process. I'm pretty hyped for this.
It's not installing the installer.  :(
1532 days ago


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