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they move towards you but stop if the player is too close or too far away, you probably made them go through walls then went out of range from them so they got stuck

Correct. I run around the block of steps at the ray trap and can't do half a loop before the drop goes away.
1378 days ago
I'm having an issue with dropss disappearing with magnet.
1379 days ago
This makes my day a little better. I haven't ran BO3 in a bit, unfortunately.
1418 days ago
Buggy. Zombies walk the other way, attracted to doors like it's Black Friday and I got suck on all kinds of corpses (floating torsos also)
1447 days ago
Great map. Although I bought the ending at round 22 without a down, I'll be playing a lot more. That PaP'd shotgun is a beast.
1511 days ago
I payed.... just going through the installation process. I'm pretty hyped for this.
It's not installing the installer.  :(
1844 days ago
I payed.... just going through the installation process. I'm pretty hyped for this.
1844 days ago
I've been having fun with this map but one question; does Staminup do anything?
1880 days ago
So, it's not a box and there is no plus.  :please:
1889 days ago
It's called nacht, not natch..

WOW!!  Funny how we missed that all along :D
1891 days ago
I was wondering the same thing.
Made it to round 16 playing atm with 9 perks and 3 weapons. I don't see any other bottle as they showed in Youtube video.
Also box is teleported to pap area lol nice.

edit: Ok I figured it out, they're not appearing all together but one by one randomly.

I figured it out. This post helped me keep trying. Thanks :)
1893 days ago
I have games where the only bottles that show are Vulture and Mountain Dew. Nothing in spawn, tractor, the generator on the way to power.. etc.
Something wrong?
1894 days ago
beat it on round 11 only buying Jug and snooping on the box a bit without flipping it. did not get double slapped so I guess if I wanted some challenge, I could go without any perks at all and beat it by round 9.
did not open all the doors. Just straight to the field.
clipping will get you stuck on the flat posters on the walls but I didn't have to run there anyway.
1899 days ago
Suomi power!!!   :D LOL I just noticed your flag. Again, great map. Love the weapons. Keep up the good work!!
1923 days ago
I've been playing this one a lot. The upgraded C4 is so much fun to use. I did 40 rounds solo without skipping before buying the ending. Then did a 2 player game skipping to round 165 after playing a full round 135 or so that was almost 3 thousand zombies. I want to go higher :) I saw 2 videos of this map  by RelaxingEnd and in the latest one, they got it up to round 1337.  :o
1923 days ago


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