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Maybe your low on memory, try closing some application and some that are running in the background.
388 days ago
What? ???
389 days ago
I'll give it a try and see if it works but if I create a structural brush I would not be able to change to color of the water to a pale blue color. Isn't there another way to change it's color without turning the brush into a terrain patch. (I was using dynamic_water as what people sa...
390 days ago
I though I had that kvp. Anyways I thank you guys for your replys and help.
394 days ago
When I walk at a surface where there is no water, it makes me swim in water but there isn't any water brush, at the position where im walking towards at.

Video showing the problem:

394 days ago

And no zombies will spawn on the other zones even when you are or are not in them.

I copy pasted the zombie a...
399 days ago


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