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Maybe your low on memory, try closing some application and some that are running in the background.
339 days ago
What? ???

Please help me doing maps single player or zombies

Southern France
Destroyed Village
Snow Park
340 days ago
I'll give it a try and see if it works but if I create a structural brush I would not be able to change to color of the water to a pale blue color. Isn't there another way to change it's color without turning the brush into a terrain patch. (I was using dynamic_water as what people said you can only use alpha editing on those.
Water sometimes cuts horizontally though the map when its compiled but its supposed to fill the brush volume with water. I dont think there is a perfect solution but i would try one of these.
Make sure it has structural brushes around it to define the boundaries.
Try using a no_draw_decal brush with water texture on one face.
Terrain patch.
Curve patch.
If none of those suggestions work i have a dynamic water texture and a scrolling foamy texture/model i used for a waterfall and stream i might be able to upload.
341 days ago
I though I had that kvp. Anyways I thank you guys for your replys and help.
344 days ago
When I walk at a surface where there is no water, it makes me swim in water but there isn't any water brush, at the position where im walking towards at.

Video showing the problem:

Double Post Merge: December 31, 2018, 07:41:39 pm
Any help? :'(
345 days ago

And no zombies will spawn on the other zones even when you are or are not in them.

I copy pasted the zombie and the riser structs and changed their kvp's to the correct values depending on what zones they will be, and I verified multiple times.

*start_zone is where all the players will spawn
350 days ago
Add "copy" the images (iwi) that are associated with your models and place em to your images folder in your mapname/images
389 days ago
when you meant by: "Give a small space between the glass brush and the terrain patch with the water texture. Set all faces of the glass brush (other than the side facing the room) to the texture "no draw""
I should replace the glass brush with to "no draw" While leaving a small space between the brush and the patch?

And for the 2nd solution I don't think that would work, because I don't think water is meant to be flipped vertically I might justify this from placing  the water horizontally  which will work Example:

Note that there should be glass brush above the "lava brush" which appenrently doesn't show when your outside of the water but when entering noclip you would see it. Obvisouby I will put a clip to the borders but thast is a problem to fix another time.
390 days ago

Those white reflections are so annoying, is there a way to make it as normal as a horizontal "dynamic water"
I had the brush set to "simple terrain patch" because there were no other ways to change it's color. 
392 days ago
I am using ugx mod standalone v1.4 with the "script mod helper", while attempting to add the jukebox in my map, it gives me an error:

Server Script Compile Error Unknown Function: "maps\ugx_jukebox::jukebox_precache();" 

I have added that script before "maps\_zombiemode::main();"

I have added this script: "thread maps\ugx_jukebox::jukebox_init();"  after "maps\_zombiemode::main();"

Everything in my mod that should have been ticked on where ticked.
401 days ago
Is there a way to temporarily disabled ugx mod standalone v1.4 or will a new script placer work right of the bat?
450 days ago
I've been having this issue where I crash at a random point....reinstalled windows couple time (not for this issues tho), got all my driver up to date and why does it crash specifically on "this map"... I also have t4m in the right place so nothing working for me
474 days ago
I will take note of that consideration instead I can use multiple gun pack from cfg factory and at least try to make something unique out of it.
475 days ago
I tried everything I used surface inspector and messed around but my patience has it's limit... is there an easier way to have this texture alligned correctly

475 days ago
IMPORTANT UPDATE: A few days ago a reinstalled windows due to crashing and couldn't backup my map, in result, I lost the map. So I will recreate it once again while making sure I back it up and will be working on it more than usual....
476 days ago


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