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Does this map require t4m?
1632 days ago
AWESOME Map! Super Fun! Having environmental hazards really makes the gameplay Unique.

This map is Refreshing, not just the same old experience. It really makes you second guess your decisions. You will be on ...
1639 days ago
As it effects all players, not just purchaser, one might consider making it a power-up drop. Perhaps 30 sec. duration of lower gravity, then set gravity back to normal.
1649 days ago
Awesome. I love Stargate. I was bummed that Universe got canceled, but I hear they are going to make a trilogy of Stargate movies soon!
1650 days ago
For some reason your pics remind me of Left 4 Dead. ps. I like L4D. =)
1650 days ago
Your underground tunnel picture is pretty dark. Please make sure there is sufficient lighting. Other than that looks pretty good.
1652 days ago


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