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cant find the free wonderweapown

It is nearly impossible to see I would tell you where it is but I don't know if the mapper would want me to so I will give you a clue, it is in a red room t...
1437 days ago
Thanks for adding the leader board I like how it is like a mini competition between all of the people who play your map.
1437 days ago
Thank you for the new download link, later I will be going for high rounds and trying to get on that leader board :) :)

Double Post Merge: October 24, 2016, 07:02:30 pm
1437 days ago
I love the map and I love the easter egg, and a note for anyone having problems with the game loading just click the start button again, in my experience the first time I loaded the map I got a message about not finding spawns but after trying it again it worked. :) :) :)
1438 days ago
I would love to play this map but I cant download it through dropbox I would love if you could make a different link. :) :)
1438 days ago
I that you misunderstood what I am saying or I just wrote it in a bad way. In that map if you noclip out of the map, and return to the playable area, no zombies will spawn and the rounds will keep spiking. But in other maps that would only happen if you stayed out of the map.
1449 days ago


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