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Thank you, glad you like it!
170 days ago
Firstly, I apologize if this is going against the rules, but what you see here was a project that I, rather, used the game engine for the purposes of creating a still image. I wanted to see a castle (or keep, or whatever) in a large grassy/forest area, bathed in moonlight, and with a touch of warm l...
174 days ago
{This is a repost as I realized I originally posted in the Black Ops 1 section not realizing that, dope!}

So, upon loading into the map, as soon as the screen fades out of black, you are immediately greated with the game over screen. It's not because the player starts out of the star...
224 days ago
Update: Still dying at the start, also, I just realised that ALL of my brushes aer invisible in-game (they appear as they should inside of radiant) all of my props and such are visable tho, and I assume why I am dying is because the player falls to the death because of the lack of brushes. Usuualy, ...
224 days ago
Hello, so I am facing a problem right now that I don't know how it came to breaking my map. It was working perfectly fine just earlier today. But now, upon starting up the map, you die instantly. And yes, the start zone is in the map and in the correct position. So this really has me baffled. I...
227 days ago
I would be happy being able to export most of the geometry with textures. If there is a way to export the models too, that would be great, but is not necessary.
426 days ago


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