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Just like the title says, I am trying to get custom (imported) weapons into bo3 multiplayer and have nooo idea what to do or how to do it haha. I followed the tutorials, but i dont think its the same for multiplayer.. If someone knows something that would help, it would be greatly appreciated!
466 days ago
Is there a 30 second break like in waw timed gameplay?
933 days ago
Whenever I spawn into my map, 4 out of my 6 mystery boxes are glitched. One is properly starting with the box in place, the other properly spawns with the teddy in place. And then the other 4 spawn with the box and teddy together. I've tried using different kvps, tried removing some of the boxe...
933 days ago
Anyone think this is weird?

Let me know what you think...
950 days ago
I can't seem to open the surface inspector even when I press the S key or go through the menu. It worked yesterday and now I can't use it for some reason. I've tried to run as admin but nothing. Any ideas?
1052 days ago
And It was named something different in original WIP post too lol
1493 days ago


Steam name: ^1Present, yet Absent.


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