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If there's a black ops 1 radiant now, why aren't there more custom maps?
992 days ago
I've been trying to make my first map for a while, and the tutorial i got shows that you have to make the power switch prefab yourself, for the life of me I cant get this right, I would be eternally grateful if someone could link me to a pre made power switch i can toss in my prefabs and get this working


1032 days ago
Hey hitman i dont mean to rush you but is there any release date scheduled? if its still in development of course
1067 days ago
Well, people mostly want these remakes because the don't have the money to buy a dlc for the original game(If the remake they want is on a dlc)

Hope you understanded this (My english is not that good :D )

He does have a point as yes, finances for dlc packs can be an issue, as well as some people not having the hardware to play the game or not being able to buy the game, also brah I did understand what you were saying, your english isn't so bad but pm me if you need a couple pointers
1135 days ago
So I know asking for mods isnt cool but i know fuckall about modding bo1 so I'm wondering if a mod for moon was possible, I know of a gun mod and a solo easter egg mod but nothing else, I'd like it to be sort of like a bo3 thing in bo1 for people that cant play bo3, I also think a lot of people would like to see something like this as they'd need a reason to play bo1 again

What would be cool:
Bo3 guns
Some new weapons
Bo3 zap gun textures
Potential build-able zap guns

Again, sorry for asking for mods but I do think this is a good idea that id really like to see happen
1140 days ago


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