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Messages - JiffyNoodles

facepalm once again

Sorry, just being curious is all.  :'(
8 years ago
Don't mean to sound like a noob but how far away is the map from completion? because the map looks incredible :rainbow:
8 years ago
This map looks and sounds great, just wondering how far away you are from finishing it? :nyan:
8 years ago
Looks great and all, but where is the download link?
8 years ago
Hey guys, i have attempted this map so many times and can only make it to round 5 max!!! I know some of you would be like this  :derp: but to me this map makes it hard for me to enjoy it when i am constantly dying over and over again. The electric man (i don't know his real name) is fine but the shreaker zombie is so frustrating, especially when your trying your hardest to stay alive and suddenly your swarmed because te shreaker stopped you in your tracks. Overall this map is great but for me, because i play solo  :alone: it is so frustrating!!! Hope some of you agree with me and if you could give me strategies to play it solo, that would be great. :nyan:

Post Merge: May 13, 2014, 08:40:58 am
Hey Guys Great map but Bloody Hard....Keep up the Good Work

I agree mate, this map is way too hard
8 years ago
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