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I'm having trouble finding a water texture that blends from shore to solid water, all the textures either are completly transparent, or have a SOILD cutoff from brushmodel to the water. I was wondering if anybody had any tips or anything to get the falloff of the ground and water texture to be perfect :) thanks

1506 days ago
Round 63 on Encampment! Took me 9+ hours.; Rest in Peace Huvor. Your crown has been Revoked to a new king

I'm coming for you
1782 days ago
Yeh, we're not saying you need to stop this illegal activity, by all means go ahead, but keep it on the down low and do it privately. Like dealing drugs or killing someone. :)

What a way to describe it, lol. I understand though devs get shit from activision and so forth
2032 days ago
Well, thanks for clearing it up, If i want anything else, ill ask privately :)
2032 days ago
I didn't mean to start anything... I have been porting weapons normally for some time but i'm new to the custom zombie scene, I though you were allowed to share assets between each other, or at least ask for them :/
2032 days ago
Ok sorry then jeesus, I made a mistake the whole community doesn't have to bash me
2032 days ago
I know how to port weapons... But I don't have the games/tools necessary for bo3, and I still wanted to add some good guns to my map... Plus he said he was letting anybody use his assets so I figured i would ask. I'm not trying to be a dick about it but I dont think i did anything wrong...
2033 days ago
:( what... Did I do something wrong lol
2033 days ago
Do you have the KN-44 Port? I would like to use that in my upcoming map :)
2033 days ago
Beat the record... Took me ages...
2035 days ago
This map is sheer fun... That PaP M40 tho!!!
2036 days ago
Actually pretty challenging... great job man
2036 days ago
The map is so fun but I wasn't a fan of the "no color till PaP" thing, but thats just me. good job :D
2036 days ago
This map is so fun... GG
2036 days ago
Looks good!, ill give it a play
2036 days ago


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