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I'm looking to change out the models of some of my perk machines with the sumpf versions, obvously just changing it in the model in the prefab isn't enough (tried) i need to change it in some triggers or some script struct so that the perk on model is ...
14 days ago
When i compile my map I get the error (Error -1073741819). This isn't a brand new map it's a map i have been working on and worked before but it doesn't tell me what it is that is causing the error. Anyone know where i could find this? Thanks!
16 days ago
I ended up getting that function to work properly which is awesome. But i'm not sure if i'm just not remembering right but when i use mulekick it doesn't give me a third gun if it's from the wall only from the box. I feel like this wasn't the way it was before when i used it...
16 days ago
That's fine, anyone know about the functions i would use to add this in? I don't mind doing it and i do know how to program (C++) but i figure if there is one already i could at least work off of. Either way it works great otherwise.
36 days ago
Everything works alright except when players go down they lose perks they way they should except that when they get back up they still have 3 weapons even after losing mulekick
37 days ago
Obviously the title speaks for itself but again players only lose perks in solo but not coop when going down using harrybo21's perks. Everything else seems to wo...
39 days ago


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