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map looks good man :D
1465 days ago
this looks sick  :D
1477 days ago
this map looks good cant wait to play it when it comes out  :D :D
1483 days ago
this map looks great cant wait to play it  :D
1485 days ago
great work on the map m8  :D :D
1490 days ago
when is the orgins zombie models and the mob of the dead models coming out? :D :D :) :)
1497 days ago
this map looks really good  :) when is it coming out?
1497 days ago
the map looks good :D :D
1499 days ago
i love ur maps ping when is this one coming out m8 just asking  :D :D :) :)
1499 days ago
this map looks so awesome when is it coming out  ;D :D :D :D :) :) :) :)
1503 days ago
map looks really good i will try it later :D :)
1503 days ago
i love love ur map man keep up the great work  ;D :D :)
1508 days ago
that looks awesome man i love ur maps m8  keep up the great work man  :D :D :) :)
1511 days ago
nice map my fav mw2 map thx for making it :D ;D :) :)
1518 days ago
great job on the map m8 its really really good and fun  ;D :D :) :)
1519 days ago


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