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Hey thanks for the reply, I got a repsonse in the Discord and sorted it out a while ago.
3 weeks ago
Hey all, it's been a long time since I made a custom WaW map and I've ran into a bit of a problem. It's to do with my zones.
Basically my start_zone has 2 doors, this leads to zone1 and zone2, the player(s) can choose to buy either of these doors. Once a player buys one of...
2 months ago
Any ideas?
5 years ago
It would seem like once the power is turned on it sets it to state 2, therefore you would need the lights to be on in state 2 and off in state 1.

So are you saying I should swap everything r...
5 years ago
So I followed a couple of tutorials on making the lighting states change when the power is off / on.

In radiant I have it set so when it's in light state 1 it is night time and lights are switched on, then when it's light state two it is day time and the lights go off but for so...
5 years ago
Make a function and then call that function in your .gsc file
5 years ago
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