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I know this is an old post but hoping someone will respond.

Is there a way to put a delay before the actual powerup spawns at the location? I want a delay to activate a sound then have it appear. This is what I have been trying but isnt working.

level.buyable_powerup_cost = 250...
463 days ago
Hello! I have been looking all over to figure out how to give all players all perks after they complete the task of finding the items I want them to find. I have 13 perks in the map but only 6 can be bought. I want the rest to be rewarded for completeing the EE. Anyone can help point me in the right...
502 days ago
Leave the rain. dont "downgrade" the map details jus cause ppl have crap PC's. I cant wait till all bugs/crashes are fixed so I can actually finish this map tho.
2240 days ago
Updated link to test if all the game crashing bugs are fixed (not final version)
Updated Link:
2241 days ago
Ok, here is a detailed video of how to complete the Easter Egg to get to the buyable ending.
2242 days ago
But if he did that it would be too easy. lol I REALLY liked this map and have just created an in depth easter egg video and will post here when uploaded to help others. I would suggest doing one gun at a time. After u get the Mark 2 do the light then PaP it then the bell. That way if you do go down ...
2242 days ago


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