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i click on the tag_origin of the joints, which highlights them all.
1104 days ago
hello friends, I'm trying to rig joints onto a custom character model to use as zombies. I took joints from a zombie asset, and replaced the zombie model with my model in maya. Then, i positioned the joints correctly onto the model before binding them together. When I try to export this using t...
1104 days ago
hello u g x, I put some trash models in my map for some detail but when i try to compile my map i get this error sign

I've searched this up and noticed many other people with assertion failures but they have yet to...
1256 days ago
heyo. I'm trying to have a light follow you around but my script isn't working. I've placed a light in radiant with the targetname "light_a" and I've called this function in the main one.

[code]function light(player)
   light = GetEnt("targetna...
1258 days ago
"Something calls from below, but not as deep..."

My old map, Der Wurstgericht, was lost after I tried to reformat my ssd, so I'm starting over from scratch.
1259 days ago
I have this bridge that I have move in using a script. In-game, zombies cannot go on the bridge and some don't even target the player when they spawn. Does anyone know what's causing this problem with their path?
1299 days ago


Must be kept sacred, heavenly eggs
Mustn’t be desecrated with egg bootlegs


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