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[code]5 52.1) couldn't find path to goal.

AI (entity 160, origin -677.7 677.5 52.1) couldn't find path to goal.

AI (entity 175, origin -1981.2 -1351.0 52.1) couldn't find path to goal....
1 day ago
can you post the location of the teddy bear? or dm it to me? i cant figure out how to dm you
 find o...
14 days ago

check this guy out for great tutorials and how to's. mapping is frustarting but hang in there...
18 days ago
push escape to deselect whatever it is you have selected. push space (with the object selected) to copy and paste whatever it is you have selected
18 days ago
did you build your mod? i actually experienced that yesterday as i was making another map and i built my mod and that fixed everything. If that doesnt work, recompile everything including the patch
18 days ago
Yeah, the UGX Script Placer. I figured that out. But now, I start with no weapon. If you have an idea, I'd be&...
18 days ago


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