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Make Radiant, Your Launcher, And Everything Have A Custom Theme!

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Created 8 years ago
by Undeadmetal
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(Many People Always Ask How People Get Radiant To Have A Custom Theme)


(Sorry people only windows 7) (well there is a way for windows 10 but I'm not a windows 10 guy)

Now to begin if you go and f**k up your computer doing this I'm not to blame if it seems sketchy don't get it lol but for real I'm not responsible for your
computer getting messed up also be careful on the custom site I send you to not everyone there is for real...

1. Get and install these two programs then restart your pc after installation of both

Your PC is now ready for the next step.

2. Goto this site and find what looks good to you (remember to read into and look carefully as all are not perfectly safe but 99% are)

Note: I have chrome with adblock so I'm not sure if you'll get ads bad

but here is a link to adblock if you're a chrome user

3. After downloading the theme you want open and get it to the folder that looks like this.

4. Now extract all the files in that folder by drag and drop to the following area (steps are below for those that need them (you should already know how to navigate if you map but ehh))

4. Step One Open Your Computer Folder

4. Step Two Open Your Drive Folder (the one that has program files)

4. Step 3 Open the folder called windows from there

4. Step 4 Open the resources folder next

4. Step 5 open themes

5. Now that you're in your themes folder drag and drop the files from the folder I had you get to from the theme you got

6. Now right click your background on your main screen and select personalize then choose the theme

7. the extra stuff in your theme folder is for you to decide to trust etc... learn to do it yourself I know an icon site but it has malware out the ass so that's for people that know what they're doing and want custom icons. Just PM for that site....

Oh and here's what mine looks like lol forgot to post them


Last Edit: September 03, 2016, 11:41:06 pm by Undeadmetal

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