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Hello, welcome to Gate- Revision 0.0.2

The Music Has Started To Annoy bad just mute it. I'll reupload when i get a sec.
Hope you enjoy the program it runs in your bin folder and can be used to run everything all in one
Simply wait for your applications to be opened and pulled into the Gate.

||| Gate Requirements|||
Please download the ugx-script placer found in the links on the first page of third party tools and rename it SP.exe and place it in your bin folder
Ensure To Run As An Administrator
Runs on .NET FRAMEWORK 4.7.2 (I can make another version if someone needs me to)
Revision 0.0.1 has a set application limit of one of each program per opening Revision 0.0.2 may consist of no limit.
I also noticed 0.0.1 sometimes fails to grab my effects ed. I need you to test and comment on how well it works on your PC's
When you click a program wait until the program has been pulled into the gate to use it.

Revision 0.0.1 Download

Revision 0.0.2 Dowload

The title in this Revision still says 0.0.1 I just quickly added some features and settings for this update
now you can open unlimited amounts of the other applications without having to close Gate. (Unless you reach your PC's limits of course)
Also added a hide panel button as to remove the overlaying buttons when working(Gates close, open, and shrink buttons remain)

186 days ago
good work on map so far. question tho, why do the zombies have denizen eyes on them on the thumbnail
 Hmm must just look that way in the thumbnail because they don't. Progress is slow but never ending! Uploaded some screenshots for those that never watch the videos. As of now the screenshots have the latest map pictures of course the colors and vision are constantly changing as well with the progress.
241 days ago
honestly it's amazing but i think i have to wait to play this map:(
 I mean I could always put out a copy now :2funny:  just wouldn't be much to play in the stage its in. I have been adding a little more everyday though this last update actually has some errors and texture mishaps from me making quick changes. I didn't feel like redoing the video so I left it how it was.
255 days ago
The Conquered
Mapping Progress

Behind The Scenes Progress
You get lost and find yourself in the land of the conquered.
Mysterious powers seem to resonate from further in the castle. Do you have what it takes to conquer the conquered or will you be vanquished like the rest?
So I have spent months working in the background figuring things out better to my liking. I finally hit the worldspawn settings I've been wanting so I began building. I've spent a longtime thinking about this map style and have now have begun. Currently I am porting over all the models I'll need to continue the correct theme/vibe. (slowly) I have a lot of other things added as well and more to come. I am currently trying to do this map piece by piece, day by day to keep it easy on my head. In another words slow. Everything you see is Alpha state and may change such as details. Currently the progress is simple like I said behind the scenes lol. Also I have a lot to fix code wise. such as fire staff :/it currently causes the fx on the other staffs to not work once fired. Honestly have to figure out why lol, im sure its simple.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Current Features:

Bo3 Weapons
Bo2 Staffs (2/4) Working Correctly
Bo1-2-3 Perks
Randomized Perk Machine Loactions
 Afterlife (Not added to due to lots of bugs at the moment, working on fixing)

Current Credits:
Harrybo21 (Perks)
Tim Smith
Dukip (The Hud)
There are still more people I will be adding to the list :)

I know I have many previous projects but I consider this my first real one. I mapped so much worse than I do now, most of them were built incorrectly, upon other things.
267 days ago
Looks good keep it up! There are plenty of tutorials, and or problems solved on the help page if you get stuck on an issue best of luck! 
270 days ago
Hello Everyone! I was bored at work today and made this app for ugx. Now on my side the art and logos are working fine when you install the app it should show up as the ugx main site logo as an icon. It's not much but I havent seen another app for ugx or anything :/ if the ugx team request removal it will be taken down but I doubt anyone will mind. Hope everyone enjoys, feel free to mention features you might like to see added.


I'm sure there will be errors due to the variety of Android phones available. I am currently running a v40 and made it based off my dimensions but it should auto adjust to your size.
276 days ago
Dont use textures that have names ending with '_blend'
 :2funny:  Lmao I didn't even notice my main textures were _blends as well. Such a small issue I overlooked it. Thanks they did happen to all be blend textures.
279 days ago
I've been mapping for awhile but I stopped and have forgotten why the terrain is showing terrain through the edges and such. I just want to make my terrain solid lmao. Any help or an answer would be awesome, Thanks.

Double Post Merge: May 25, 2019, 06:09:53 pm
What I mean is  I can see terrain that I've built through my other terrain walls and ground when in radiant it is a solid non blend texture.
279 days ago



What if instead of running Call of Duty's default launcher and doing everything the easy normal way....
you could do something different?

As a short explanation, this combines the ugx website and your modtools into one easy program that simply drops
into your bin and you open it from there via a shortcut or something.

- Ugx-Built-In Website (Practically just runs off of your default browser from my understanding, but it maybe standalone.)
- CoDWaW Launcher
- CoDWaW Asset Manager
- CoDWaW Radiant
All hooked into one simple ui-

Video Of Ithrial


(Coming Soon)(Technically Works Now Just Need Upload Some Files)
For now just download the normal program and even if you don't have steam just drag and drop into your C Drive
Now open the rar file all the way until you get to the bin and you'll find three files and a folder...copy them to your
CoDWaWDirectory Bin.

How to Install:

Step One: Extract zip file into your local disk... DONE

Known Issues/Bugs
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

* early release and testing version there will be some issues
* currently supports waw steam version only
*  when loading it will ask "always ask for files of this type" or something along those lines uncheck the box for each program for smooth loadup
* to goto normal screen use the ugx-mods webbrowser maximize button to do it then to go back to fullscreen use the options page maximize button
* may have issues if your local disk is not set  to C as defaulted[/spoiler]
501 days ago
682 days ago
Well haha seems I've found a pretty decent learning curve I'll need to work with. I'm not sure I can create anything compared to most of the maps made using the bo3 tools but I'll give it my best effort. Spent some time learning just to get to this simple bit I have in this image (mostly learning lighting stuff as everything else is simple imo) but anyways here's dreamscape.

Story: You awaken in a place you accidentally dreamed into existence your dreamscape. (I'll add more as I see what I make the map into not much to go off of yet.

No in game image yet sorry:

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Double Post Merge: April 17, 2018, 11:58:10 pm
Hmm won't let me edit it.......this project will probably look completely different just so everyone knows just wanted to make it known I'm finally working on a bo3 map.
682 days ago
Very Nice! you've come a long way in zombie maps haha passed me up that's for sure. Looks great.
698 days ago
You've done a great job so far with the Dark Souls vibe. If you make it as unbelievably difficult as Dark Souls though we're going to have to have a looooong talk about your life decisions.

Hmmm make it really hard......I think I will. Thanks for the idea.

As for Updates Here's a little of what I'm working on map wise, it's dark as its progress has been slow and not all lighting has been placed. There is no detail at the moment but here:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

There is actually land around all of that but it's too dark at the moment so that'll be worked with!
704 days ago
still working on this?

Yes I am as slow as it may be.
704 days ago
For the easiest way to get you're images working go here find CoD Image Copy Tool. The tool should explain but if not I will.

1. Set tool output directory to the folder you keep the tool in(pref its own folder)
2. Go to your CoDWaW directory/zone_source/english/assetlist/your_map.csv (not the patch.csv)
3. Drag yourmap.csv onto the image copy tool it will open a console and copy the images you need to the output folder.
4. Copy those images to a folder in CoDWaW Directory/mods/yourmapname/images(you may need to create the images folder)
5. On your launcher reload the compile map area and on the right check all the images then compile..
6. Done
764 days ago


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