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FATAL ERROR in Radiant trying to open my map

broken avatar :(
Created 1 year ago
by Omikron198
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broken avatar :(
broken avatar :(
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Hello everybody,

everytime i start the radiant everything is fine. But when i try to open my map there comes this error:

FATAL ERROR: Unhandled exception caught
GetLastError() = 0
An unrecoverable error has occurred. Would you like to edit Preferences before exiting Q3Radiant?


This startet after i added a skybox_ber1 by hitting "N" typing in the Skybox and entered, after this i tried to undo it, because i didnt want the skybox anymore but it doesnt work, so i deleted the text in the "N"-window. After that i closed and restart the radiant but then this message was poping up.

I know there was one explanation how to fix this problem but i didnt get it.
Is there any way for me to save my map. to undo the mistake or the reason which causes the error without loosing my map?

hope you can help me. thanks a lot.


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