[ZM] Guard V1.1 - Black Ops 3

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Created 409 days ago
by GttiqwT
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Is now on release version 1.1!

Hello everybody! This is my first ever zombie map and I just wanted to share it on here, I hope you like the map! Feedback is appreciated, if you have some comment on here or on the steam workshop! Thank you < 3

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"It's the year 2065, you've found yourself lost inside the lower sector of an abandoned residential facility-bunker. You must fend off the zombie hordes and try to make your escape by obeying the commands written on the desk. Along your escape you will be aided by special perks, power-ups and even exclusive weapons at your disposal. Good luck."
This map includes:
  • 8 Different buyable Perks (With a 10 perk limit!)
  • An awesome little musical easteregg to find!
  • An extensive buyable ending! (For 50,000 points)
  • Soul Chests with prizes!
  • Pack a punch, the power and wall guns!
  • Exclusive weapons added! (Includes BO2 and WWII guns!)
  • Hellhounds work and spawn in all areas!
  • Brought back Perk Change under perks!
  • Custom loading screen and title screen!
  • And much more!
Some Screenshots!

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- MakeCents for allowing me to add growing souls to my map!
- TheSkyeLord for using his BO2 and WWII weapons!
-Gam3vids, Jbird632, CraftDanimations and Uptownpapi25 for their wonderful youtube tutorials!



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