Pathnodes/Reflection Probes or Lighting not working?

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Created 929 days ago
by Mr.Waffles13
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I'm new to modding and I have gone over countless tutorials on how to set up Lights, Pathnodes, and Reflection Probes.
For the pathnodes I am confused because I have them set up the way all the tutorials say to set them up and yet the zombies don't move, I have the zombies scripted and set up to a volume and every time they've spawned they just stand there, I have deleted, moved, and set up each spawn and pathnode over and over again, but nothing is working. As for the lights and reflection probes I think the reflection probes worked well, my map isn't tinted red as it usually is but there are still some red spots here and there I can't get rid of. The lights do light up the map but not how they usually do in the videos, I'm not sure if I'm doing anything wrong with them but I have changed the radius and position of the lights and yet the character and other parts are just black silhouettes. I have use a Light Grid Volume to help but nothing is working with that. I can upload the map and send screenshots if that's possible.



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