Was getting 2FPS on MP here's how I FIXED it

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Created 1214 days ago
by archmeister94
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So I began writing this up while MP was not working and as I did each step I typed it up, now that it's fixed I hope other people who are having similar problems might find it useful.

Start off SP and Coop worked fine, I've got an i5 4460 and a GTX 1070 so it should be a breeze.  But for some reason I was getting 2fps on MP on the menu and in game, settings set to ultra or low makes no difference.  When I tryed looking for a server to join my lowest ping to one was 196, but I have fiber and on other games it's between 10-50.  I tried googleing it but only found solutions for people playing on potatoes.  I used Steam to to check the integrity and it failed 2 files, as it attempted to download them it said the update was corrupt, then i tryed launching single player but an error appeared.  I then tryed launching into MP and another error but this time it mentioned my antivirus, so I ended all the processes of my antivirus in task manage and was able to launch MP with 60fps with my lowest ping to a server being 23, SP also works fine.


So to sumerise my antivirus was giving me 2fps in MP and was fixed by turning off my antivirus, I hope this helps other people.



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