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Challenge Idea: Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) Challenge

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Created 6 years ago
by Disorting_Lines1
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Hey guys, Lines here!
Today, I'm going to suggest a challenge that's pretty simple, but possibly rather challenging.

This can be done on any map, even 3arc maps, and the rules are as follows:

  • All perks allowed!
  • Items (weapons, perks etc.) can only be bought within the first minute of the round. (Ammo is an exception)
  • You can only aim with guns with special scopes, such as red dot sights and scopes. The rest must be hip-fired.

Obviously, this challenge is in it's early stages, and may have more rules as time goes by. Please try this challenge and tell me how it turned out. If possible, include the map you tried it on, too.

Cheers guys, I can't wait to hear how it turns out. See y'all later!

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I'll Have To Try This Out For Myself! Sounds like a cool little challenge to do.

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