[24/40] Devastation - A city filled with zombies is not a city I want to be in!

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by Dust
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This beautiful map is made by the one and only A-grand and was inspired by Tomikaze.

Setting: You arrive in a abandoned city which has been overrun by the undead.

Positives: It uses the ugx mod. It has a buyable ending for 20k but to unlock it you have to travel through the city,unlocking doors on your way, to get to a tower, then you have to find 6 switches hidden around the map. Its made by one of my favorite mappers, A-grand. This map is also beautiful to look at. Theres more than enough areas to train so if your playing with 4 people, everyone can have their own spot.

Negatives: It has no black ops perks which is always a shame considering thats mostly what everyone looks for in a map now a days. The switches could be a bit of a pain to find if your playing solo, coop is not too bad. You dont get to the good guns until you get close to the end. I wish there were a lot better guns at the start of the map.
Some of the doors you open has like nothing in it so you feel like you wasted points opening it.

Conclusion: This map is a really fun map for your first time, but just like any other map i didnt find much replayability in it. The only thing that would want you to keep coming back is the different game modes. Its a large sized map so it will take you quite awhile to beat it, if you want to open up everything.

Level of Detail: 6/10
Custom Content: 6/10
Fun Scale: 7/10
Replayability: 5/10

Score: 24/40

Download: Download from the UGX map manager
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