External GPU Adapter/Dock for Laptop

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Created 1678 days ago
by MZslayer11
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Hello, I have a decent laptop, but not for gaming. I can run Waw at 45 ish fps on medium settings, but waw is an old game and running new games just isn't gonna happen. Mostly because the Graphics card is intigrated and is very crappy. Not to mention that it uses up some of my ram. I recently came across a cool (partial) solution to this problem. It's an external gpu adapter. [You are not allowed to view external links. Register or Login to see them] I know what your thinking, just balls up and get a gaming pc. But I just got my laptop last year and I don't really want to trade in yet. I figure for a few hundred bucks, I can expand my Laptop's ability and maby use it to play more modern games at higher fps with higher settings.

Here is what I would need and their approx price:

GPU adapter - $53
GPU  - $160
Power Supply - $40
Moniter - $90
Keyboard/Mouse - $30
USB Internet Adapter - $30

Here are other things could also do (maby):

Add 2 GB RAM to PC (making it 8GB)
Upgrade processor to 3 GHz (from 2.4)

You can tell that I have a pretty low budget but I was able to find all of these things for the prices I listed and good quality. The reason I need the wif I adapter is because the GPU adapter will go in the pci slot which is where my WiFi adapter is located now.

[You are not allowed to view external links. Register or Login to see them]

What do you guys think? Have any of you hears about this before? Do any of you use this? Do you think it will work for my laptop? Let me know :D



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