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by Scobalula
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About Rottweiler

Rottweiler is a vicious Call of Duty sound exporter, supporting the majority of Call of Duty titles that store their sounds in the Fast Files and/or PAKs. It was developed to aid Call of Duty Map Makers/Modders in obtaining sounds from other Call of Duty titles.

How to use Rottweiler

  • Choose a Fast File to load (For weapon sounds, you'll usually want to load common/common_mp for any of the games).
  • Drag it onto the list view or click Load Fast File, it will proceed to decompress the fast file and search for audio.
  • Once the sounds are loaded (if there are any), you can now export sounds that are listed.


Rottweiler is licensed under the MIT license and it and its source code is free to use and modify. Rottweiler comes with NO warranty, any damages caused are solely the responsibility of the user. See the LICENSE file on the repository for more information.

Audio exported through Rottweiler is property of Activision and the respective developers, said copyrighted Audio CANNOT be used in a commercial environment or for profit, the intention of Rottweiler is to aid users making mods for other Call of Duty titles using their own SDKs.

All work was done purely on the fast files through a Hex Editor, using legally obtained copies of the games, and no game code was touched or used. Rottweiler does not and will never rebuild/re-compress fast files.


  • For Advanced Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered, in order for Rottweiler to export sounds stored in the PAKs, they must be in the same folder as the Fast File you loaded.
  • Due to the fact a lot of VOX data is streamed, the localized files might not contain sound information.
  • For a full list of titles that Rottweiler supports, see the README on the Github page, for those it does not support, alternative programs are linked.


The latest version of Rottweiler can be found on its Github Releases page:

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It would be appreciated if you credited me for using Rottweiler. :)

Rottweiler is currently in Alpha, while it has been tested, expect quirks.



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