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by Undeadmetal
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Hello, welcome to Gate- Revision 0.0.2

The Music Has Started To Annoy bad just mute it. I'll reupload when i get a sec.
Hope you enjoy the program it runs in your bin folder and can be used to run everything all in one
Simply wait for your applications to be opened and pulled into the Gate.

||| Gate Requirements|||
Please download the ugx-script placer found in the links on the first page of third party tools and rename it SP.exe and place it in your bin folder
Ensure To Run As An Administrator
Runs on .NET FRAMEWORK 4.7.2 (I can make another version if someone needs me to)
Revision 0.0.1 has a set application limit of one of each program per opening Revision 0.0.2 may consist of no limit.
I also noticed 0.0.1 sometimes fails to grab my effects ed. I need you to test and comment on how well it works on your PC's
When you click a program wait until the program has been pulled into the gate to use it.

Revision 0.0.1 Download
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Revision 0.0.2 Dowload
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The title in this Revision still says 0.0.1 I just quickly added some features and settings for this update
now you can open unlimited amounts of the other applications without having to close Gate. (Unless you reach your PC's limits of course)
Also added a hide panel button as to remove the overlaying buttons when working(Gates close, open, and shrink buttons remain)

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