[WIP] Kino Der Toten 1930 Updated 2/10/15

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by drhackz
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Question: Should I Add A Big Outside Area Or Keep It like Kino

Keep IT!!!!
10 (20.4%)
Yeah Training BITCH!!!!
11 (22.4%)
Detailed Easter Egg Outside Area!
28 (57.1%)

Total Members Voted: 47

Voting closed: January 08, 2015, 08:33:21 pm

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Heresy!!  >:(
I'm right though, Kino was meant to be a WaW map - imagine it having [in line with the story] NO Wonder Weapon besides the Ray Gun - that alone would have made it much more challenging

As for other remakes, I've already stated my general apprehension but please don't redo Ascension, again it is/was a ridiculously easy map - sure I had fun on it but coincidence or not Map + Thundergun = Easymode [It wasn't necessary on Nacht revamp considering Treyarch added Monkey Bombs but oh well]

Five & Shangri-La get a lot of flak because they don't have big open areas for all the kiddies to run about in - Five was made even less appealing by the not-so-impressive Wonder Weapon [wish it was buffed]
Amusingly Hounds, the Flamethrower AND V-R11 were at some point planned for Five [hence the guys in suits created by the shots from the V-R11] - now THAT I would like to see  :)

As for CotD [one of my favourite maps to date], George was no big deal really - the issue was how crappy Solo got due to the Scavenger being kinda naff - I honestly would've preferred it being an Instakill weapon with the trade-off being it did nothing to George just like the Wunderwaffe- would've made Solo far more appealing and rounds beyond 50, 60, whatever more attainable

On topic, I'm intrigued by the expansion of the alley area and await further updates in due course  :)



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