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Third weapon - Second chance spawn

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Created 1 year ago
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1st of all credits to my boi Stepbro for helping me out with quite a few coop tests.
also credit to Bluntstuff(i think) coz i have 2 functions(gun_move_up_and_down & gun_spin) & the code used in both of them is from his _digsite script.
& ofc anyone else that ive sadly & unforgivably forgot to mention.

Basically if you have mule kick, then have a 3rd weapon, then go down into laststand. this will spawn ur 3rd weapon on the maps start point structs(this is where players 1st spawn upon game start). & then you'll have 2mins to grab the 3rd weapon back. if you dont have mule kick b4 grabbing ur 3rd weapon back, then you will still remain with a total of 2 weapons.

Tested & works in both solo & coop. | also your teammates can trigger it for you(dw they wont get the weapon).

Setup instructions within the top of the gsc file.

link to gsc file:

utube vid:

Have fun

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