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5. Only Steam or "LanFixed" versions of the game will work with the mod, NOT CD. If you have the CD version this is the LanFixed version of the game, run this exe instead of CoDWaW.exe (or you can replace your call)
As DidUknowiPwn said in the release thread of the "World at War Modification: T4M (r45)" simply use the "LanFixed" version of the game - that should solve your problems ;)
1396 days ago
[...] [I've] tried pressing X on the KB ,and my "action" button (enter, in my case) and nothing :(
Try checking your control-settings - the key used for the PES is the "map" key ;)
maybe manually setup the key to 'X' and try again, at least this worked for a friend of mine :)
1909 days ago
There is a solo ee as well as a longer 4 player ee.

Thank you for this information :)
1932 days ago
Yeah :D Finally :)

I've been waiting soooo damn long for this release :D
I watched every trailer nearly a hundred times xD

So excited for this map :)

BUT I have one single question: Is there a main EE that one could possibly figure out?
If there is one I don't ask for any hint on it ... I just want to know IF there is one on this amazing map :D

(please ignore the bad english ... german guy over here ^^)
1932 days ago
Hey chroma :)

I really love this map - the detail is huge :D
Although I only watched Spiderbite playing your map ...

I don't know if he played 1.1 or not... so ... sry if I mention things you already did ^^

The icon for the zombie shield is that from MW2/3 if I remember correctly, may you update this icon to match the BO2 version?
That would be epic :D

If you already did that or have problems that make it impossible to do ... them I'm sorry :P

Keep up the amazing work :D
2079 days ago
Actulley i think its a good idea (not saying anyone thought it wasent) an attempt at it would be nice, im sure the models are out there somewhere. It would be cool to gun a few of those down considering its almost impossible to get the damn game anyway...
Downloading and installing the game isn't that big problem you might think of.
I installed it successfully, ready for playing a few months ago ... but I deinstalled it because I couldn't connect to any server ... stupid IP restriction ...
I know, maybe a proxy server would have fixed this issue ... doesn't matter

I won't suggest this as a mutator BEFORE beta ...
I also don't want any delays on the beta ...

To see this Cyborg Zombies as a mutator in the FINAL version von the UGX Mod would still be awesome :)
This may lead to a bit variety in Zombies :D

[...] im sure the models are out there somewhere. [...]
THAT :D I also think getting the models will be eventually possible ;)

2269 days ago
its basically impossible that game is based almost completely online. theres a small part you install on pc but you cannot get the models for the zombies from it. they could make skins to recover the zombies but it wouldn't prob. be very good. (no harm ment Trem / Sajeone)
Sorry ... i didn't know these file are all online ... I thought you get them via installing the game ...
Didn't know they are streamed ...
OK then it may not be possible at all ...

Thanks for the fast reply :)
2269 days ago
Hello guys :)

I'm watching the development of this awesome mod since the beginning of UGX :)
Back when everything began at ZM.
I also donated a few month ago :D

Now I have a little suggestion and want to know if this may be possible :)

In Call of Duty: Online since November 2013 there is a mode called "Dead Rising" which introduces Cyborg Zombies.
My suggestion would be to bring these Cyborg Zombies to UGX as a Mutator. Simply change the skin an ... kind of material of the zombies to these Cyborg things - that would be absolutely awesome I think ^^

May this be possible at all? If it is possible, would there be a chance to see them in the mod?

I'm REALLY looking forward to the first BETA release :D


I'm from Germany, so please ignore incorrect grammer or something similar :P I think you all know what I want to say :D
2269 days ago


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