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Let's team up!

I can imagine you have left this project behind and I would love to use it in the release of my version of mob of the Dead! I will take the best parts of yours and mine and merge them together to create the ultimate map! This is to show off the work you did and for it not to go to waste! I tried to get in contact with you before but hopefully you see this now and chance your mind I am the other guy mapping Mob of the Dead and would love to use both of work and merge it into one! Please get back to me asap on YouTube twitter or steam.. let's make it happen man!

1561 days ago
Hey man its shifty! The other guy doing MOTD lol i have an idea i want to run by you... hopefully you will see this, message me on twitter or something asap! i think it will be a great idea

Twitter: @Shifty_Gam3r101

just say its you and ill get back to you asap!
1601 days ago
Hello guys and Welcome! I have known about this for a very long time but i recently found out that not many others do! So this short tutorial tells you have to make all textures/models or even custom textures from older Call of Dutys HD in Black ops 3!

Lemme know if it helped you out!

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1670 days ago
Full Mob of the Dead Remastered Map

Hello guys and welcome! I am currently working on the full remake of Mob of the Dead! I have recently uploaded the spawn room challenge to Steam! Go play it if you haven't already but i am here to show you what has been done so far! I have fully done the spawn and i am now working on the parts just outside of spawn! I hope to have the first floor of this map done by next week! Hope you are as hyped as i am for the remake that i am doing! I upload weekly updates of this map being made on my channel every Wednesday!  YT: ShiftyGam3r101

1751 days ago


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