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Messages - Hdmisreal

Very good map, try to write good like "asi"
1 month ago
I already have the bo1 I am missing the mod tools when I have everything I test your map
see ur twitter
2 months ago
I love this map, but makes me crazy
2 months ago
I need this ported to bo1
2 months ago

This was a test of the bo1 mod tools, but my friends liked it so I upload it.
If u want donwload on t5m only change the directory, because the launcher have the default path on disk "c: steam path" if u have other disk only change the path

If u have problems with launcher, download the rar.

1-  Is your map broken?
Ya, the sounds brokes on round 4 and gersh
2- Do you want repair the bug?
i want but idk an answer
End of F.A.Q
- Double tap 2.0
- Buyable ending
- Level redisign
- More special guns
Obviously to run this mod u need game_mod
Thanks to
-All linker mod staff
-shippuden1592 (u are my god)
-Salamanca21 (bo3 models)
-NekZos (Beta tester, thx for help)
-Bo1 reimagened creator (Makes the gersh device)
-   Atuburapaler (makes some icons for perks)

if u want the download the old version:

and for some reason the oldest i have:

2 months ago
The sound are corrupted, please change them.

(my error, only you need to put sound,map_sounds in mod.csv)
3 months ago
Good job!!!!
3 months ago
There is a problem with it being only narrow and it is impossible to escape the zombies in some moments, I know that the idea was for trenches but you could make them bigger.
I love the atmosphere, I think they should make a complete map like that.
4 months ago
Good map!! and god job man
4 months ago
Awesome map!!! !only have a bug with vulture aid but is a good map
4 months ago
In the map exist one bug with death machines, when you have a death machine and you buy a gun, the gun put in your inventory, and create a rare mule kick, if you do this glitch you can get 10 guns or more.

and your map is really good, and hard, i like it
4 months ago
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