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Figured out the issue with Moon. If you pack a punch before you turn the power on (getting Mustangs before round 1 in NML) it won't let you. It's not affected by juggernog or stamin-up, just the pack a punch.

Hope this helps someone.
495 days ago
Hey guys new to UGX. Literally made an account so I could use this mod.

Just thought I'd leave my thoughts on it and some bugs I've encountered:

Really fun! I like it a lot! Brings new light to an almost ten year old game! Nice work!

Bosses are a nice addition but I'd like the ability to not have them. I didn't really like the boss zombies during/after BO2 and still certainly dont.

I'm not huge on the explosive zombies and dogs. I'm not sure if PhD stops this but for what I've seen I don't think it does. It blurs your vision and will probably be the thing that kills you.

On Moon I believe the power sometimes will not have the ability to be turned on? I've played twice now and it hasn't given me the ability to turn it on both runs.

And yeah like you said in your known bugs Co-Op is a real pain to get working. My friend and I have gotten it on Five but we can't seem to get Kino to work. He doesn't have the DLC so we can't try those.

But overall I enjoy it. Thank you for your contribution good sir.
496 days ago


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