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Hey guys! So I am having this issue and I can not get it solved for the life of me. Basically I have my fx rendering so it should be showing up in radiant when in the light preview mode, but it isn't. When I open up one of my other maps the fx lights appear just fine but for whatever reason they are not showing up for this one map that I am working on. They also are not appearing in game either. When I click the lightning bolt to build my lighting the glow from the fx lights appear for a second and then go back to not showing. I thought compiling the level would fix it and it would show up in game but they also are not showing up in game. Any help would be much appreciated as this is very frustrating! Thank you in advance!

So I managed to figure out what my issue was. I had my sun volume's skybox/sun set to "default_day". I realized that since it was a daytime sunlight the fx's fire omni lights were not bright enough to appear. I fixed this issue by switching my sun volume from "default_day" to "zm_factory". This basically made it so it was moonlight in my map instead of sunlight. Since the sun's light was darker the fire omni fx lights appeared once again. Hopefully this helps someone!
 Yo, Did you ever get this fixed?
Im guessing you have made sure you have checked the light tick box before rendering the map?

I was wondering because im having same/similer problem. The lights I made at first show up but then I have added some more and they dont show when i test my map and its annoying me and i dont want to have to start over cos of such a simple issue.
751 days ago
Sorry im requesting and i havent got many posts on this forums but i am working on my map and i want to add a buyable ending and when its done i will post it on this forums :smiley: 
Now i am getting into creating maps and stuff i want to start advertising them here as this is the best forum for this kind of content. Its not as good as some of the pros but everony has to start somewhere right ;)
Thank you everyone :)

I have added a few things since I recorded this. (sorry about bad quality, i didnt see the point in HD rendering for that clip. I wanted to save modals and textures last because I wanted to make them fit with the map. If you guys could tell me what else would work good that would be cool.

751 days ago


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