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I did not know where to ask this so i thought i'd ask here.

So I'm trying to export the Apothicon furies from Revelations. Y'know, the weird lava monster looking guys that attack the corruption engine? or sometimes in Parasite rounds they spawn in as well? Well i can export there models and animations just fine with Wraith, but there is one little problem. Wraith is not exporting all there textures. This actually happens with most apothicon characters in revelations for me for some odd reason. The textures I'm looking for apparently is the arm, head, and body C textures. I've tried exporting the character lots of times with no luck unfortunetly. If anyone knows how to get there textures or perhaps already has them please let me know. Been trying to get there textures for weeks.

Here's an image of what the character is in-case you don't know what I'm talking about still

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