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is it just me or has the dl servers been aids lately
1831 days ago
That's not a very good cpu
2074 days ago
How to do it? I mean it's fairly straight forward.
I know it is. I could do it anyway but I was just asking
2135 days ago
Is there a video doing all these things?
2135 days ago
So basically I've been having this fire vision whenever I go into my map or other maps. Was wondering how to fix this. Have a video to showing this:

Sorry about the song, was listening to music in the background and my recorder picked it up.
2135 days ago
Here is the pic of my setup a few months ago:

2140 days ago
Nice work and I really mean it. I love how dedicated you are to making this map. Will be excited to play this map when realesed. You gained alot of respect from me :)
2141 days ago
Just curious as to what you guys have for your setup. Ill start by posting my PC specs and peripherals:

OS: Windows 8.1 64 Bit
CPU: Intel i5 4670K @ 3.4ghz
CPU COOLER: Asetek 510LC Liquid Water Cooler
GPU: EVGA GTX 780ti Classified KINGPIN Edition
PSU: Corsair HX850w Full Modular
CASE: CFI Boreallight Full-Tower Gaming Case
MONITOR: ASUS VG248QE 144hz 1ms Response Gaming Monitor
AUDIO: Plantronics GameCom
Keyboard: Razer Deathstalker Pro
Mouse: Razer Mamba 2012
2142 days ago
Hey :)
2144 days ago
Welcome, can't wait to see some content from you. :)
Started a map with my friend Noperino. May put on W.I.P soon. :)
2144 days ago
Thanks all for welcoming me :D
2147 days ago
Hello, just putting my video out for anyone who is interested in added custom textures to Radiant.

Hoped this helped :)
2149 days ago
Hello everyone on UGX. I just wanted to post and say hi. I Recently got a interest in WaW zombies so I will try to make some test maps and maybe eventually make some full released zombie maps. I have some knowledge in scripting and mapping as I have made about 3 maps for a call of duty 4 mod called "Deathrun". Got back into playing custom zombie maps with my friends and I have decided to try to make some zombie maps. Also got a little inspiration from JR-Imagine since I talked to him on Deathrun and when I found out he was the creator of Rise and part of UGX it made me want to go more into zombies. Hopefully throughout my time here I hope to meet alot of people,etc. I also like to be on forums alot even when there is nothing going on so I will most likely be on these forums everyday lol. My Real name is Dean and currently I am 14 years old. (Young I know, but never to young to start coding and mapping :P).
2149 days ago


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