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It sounded interesting, but it was obviously a hoax.

Between the fact there would be a lot of backlash for including probably religious demons and hell-spawn, and extra achievements (When all 50 have been released already, and as far as I know, it only seems like select first-party companies that work with Sony may break that 50 achievement base limit.) it was pretty obvious.

I can see why a lot of people hoped for this though. They felt spurned by Survival, and felt entitled to zombies because it's what they wanted. I can't fathom why anybody would think zombies would be included, especially when Treyarch makes the zombies mode; I can't see why they'd hand that mode over to a whole different studio.

I was disappointed with Survival. I'm now re-considering said disappointment because it seems like they actually put time and care into it this time. It looks like between the new Exo movement, more varied enemies, and objective-based rounds, there'll be a lot more enjoyment to be had. I'm hoping it won't be as boring as MW3's survival.

I'm very doubtful of a fourth mode, and I really don't think it's plausible. It's unfortunate so many people feel spurned over a gamemode Sledgehammer worked on and made during development of MW3. We probably should have saw it coming. I'm hopeful that this mode will be a lot better this time around.

Same. It sounded very 'Doom' like, and with Sledgehammers history with the Dead Space series, I am sure it would have been good.

The thing that makes me suspect there may still be some kind of 4th mode though is the DLC. How do they expect to sell DLC for the same price as that of the BO2/Ghosts DLC with only 4 MP maps? The Exo-Survival mode is played out on MP maps, so surely there must be something additional?

Time will tell I guess, but give the troll a cookie for having a great imagination.

Plausible question. I'm just going to assume that there'll be five MP maps. Hell, maybe AW will drop a secret fourth gamemode as a test. If it's handled well and enjoyable, maybe that'll take the place of the fifth slot on the DLC.
1897 days ago
Personally, I'm really looking forward to this game. I think the game is actually bringing in some new and fun ideas.

I know some people are whining about them "copying" Destiny with the jet-pack, or even Titanfall. I don't personally see what their complaints are about. This is a welcome addition to the game for me. It's something new and fresh.

I can understand why some people don't like the exosuit. Change is scary, especially for a long-standing franchise.

Personally, I just see the community for CoD as the biggest ball of garbage out there. I'm glad Treyarch/IW/Sledgehammer aren't listing to us wholly. They're taking our ideas of course, but they're not letting us run their game, which is what a lot of the community seems to want.

CoD isn't anywhere near as bad as people say it is. I'll admit, Ghosts wasn't great. People jump on the bandwagon too fast, and just assume because one game was bad, they'll all be bad. Sledgehammer is really trying their damnedest to bring us the CoD we deserve, and I'm sick and tired of seeing people constantly whining about CoD being a dead series.

Advanced Warfare looks great, I hope it's great. I feel sorry for the hardworking developers of these games. They constantly have to look at us, their asinine community. We want change, but we hate what change we get. We don't want change, and we get pissed when there's no change. "We want CoD 4, we want World War 2." World War 2 is the least interesting war, and it's been overplayed to hell. The community doesn't know what it wants. We'll all whine and complain until the next flashy game gets released, play it, love it, then start crying in a few months while we wait for the next game. The community needs to get bent.

While Sledgehammer, or any of the other developers won't ever see this, I just want to say: Fix what needs to be fixed, but don't ever give in to us. The CoD community is probably the worst gaming community in existence.

I digress. I do apologize if this seemed harsh at all, or it if went slightly off topic. From what I've seen of AW, I'm excited. I really think this will get the series on track, and show that you can innovate a long-standing series. Not much is "truly" innovative these days; but taking ideas that exist and expanding and changing them is what will really show what you're capable of.

Anyways, what do I know? This is just the idiotic rambling of a cynical, misanthropic man.

TL;DR: I feel the community for CoD is garbage, and we shouldn't be listened to. I think AW is going to be a good game, and I'm excited to get my hands on it.
1913 days ago
I'm looking to play custom zombies with basically anyone on just about any map. I have a few that I've played, but I'm completely open to downloading and trying any.

I have a working headset and my game runs well. I have Skype, Raidcall, TS and Mumble for voice chat options.

I'd prefer it if you had a headset, but it's not necessary.

Toss me a FR on Steam, and we'll go from there. (Same as my username on this forum.)
1918 days ago
That'd be pretty cool, man. It's up to you. I'd be willing to help test or check new updates whenever.
1923 days ago
Went through the entire map looking for bugs/errors. These are what I found that may or may not be intended.

1. The spawn rooms' chairs are able to be jumped on. They don't provide a safe zone, but it can cause the zombies to path over them sometimes. The sandbags can also be jumped on in the spawn room. No advantage by jumping up here either.

2. The barrels in the spawn room can be walked on and the second barrel can be crouched on/proned into. There's no tactical advantage to doing this, but you can crouch block yourself.

3. Either none of the AI spawned one game, or the zombies killed them. I'm not sure if the former happened, or if the latter can happen.

5. The AI counts as zombies during the first round.

6. I've noticed some zombies will vault a window and float for a second before landing on the ground.

7. Outside in the backyard parking lot, the window on the outside the map will show through the window of the building next to the parking lot. (The building east of the parking lot coming from the power room, the farthest window.)

8. Solo quick revive doesn't work.

9. The wood beams jutting from to the roof aren't solid (Over Jug room). Intended to not get trapped accidentally?

10. A max ammo dropped after I killed a zombie in a window on the roof of the diner.

(Disregard any of these if they're intended.)

Thoughts: A small, hectic, challenging map. Training spots are difficult to run properly as the sprinters become more common as there's little room to run. While fun, getting a good start on the map can be kind of difficult.

Suggestions: There's a window hidden by foliage in the area to the left after you leave the spawn room to go outside. You could possibly remove a little of the foliage there to allow the players to know it's there, so they don't suddenly get killed from behind if they're camping/trapped/train funneling. I assume it's hidden to prevent camping/funneling, though.
Also, the Sawed-Off Shotgun could maybe do with a slight price drop (-200 maybe?) Trying to survive with the MP5 and Kar is difficult since the remaining ammo seems to be based on how much they shoot at you before you kill them. (Unless I was extremely unlucky since drops rarely seemed to happen for me.) The gun in the Juggernaut room is also kind of a costly investment, considering how expensive the doors are.

Only made it to 11 before my roof train caught up with me, but I did find the hidden PaP room.

1925 days ago


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