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Folter Asyl doesn't work even though I have T4M can anyone help me

Double Post Merge: April 10, 2017, 10:37:53 pm
How do you open the pack a punch on the minecraft map?
This video will tell you
1142 days ago
No, you don't. It won't hurt anything to keep it or even benefit you to uninstall it.
That's good because that would be annoying uninstalling it when you want to play a map that doesn't require T4M and reinstalling if you want to play maps that do require it.
1146 days ago
When playing zombie maps that don't require T4M do you need uninstall T4M?
1146 days ago
Okay, then the only advice that I can give you is to try playing around with the graphic settings in the main menu, try turning specular maps off, reduce body count, try a lower resolution size, etc. And if none of that works, try reinstalling the mod from scratch.
OK thanks for the help and I tried reinstalling this mod like three times but still doesn't work
1152 days ago
Do you have T4M installed? If so, temporarily remove it from your raw folder and re-run the mod. It should load just fine then. Afterwards, place the T4M file back into the raw folder, and there should be no issues. This is what worked for me, though you could be possibly experiencing something different altogether.
I do not have T4M
1153 days ago
This map wont load for me for some reason and I dont have T4M
1154 days ago
Help this map wont load
I do not have T4M
1154 days ago
Help I have a problem with custom zombies. Every time when I click solo when I am on this map it loads then crashes. Can anybody help me fix this problem and its not just only this map its every map I have downloaded   
1156 days ago


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