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Okay so I solved the issue. For me, the error was saying "unknown smoothing name 'clip," so I opened my .map file in notepad++ and pressed ctrl+f to search for "smoothing clip." Once I did that, about 12 results showed up, and I just deleted those words from the end of each line that they were in. I'm not exactly sure what causes this, but it's just an invalid property on brushes it seems like.
1431 days ago

I highly doubt tools 8 years later would have MORE simple issues with basics like this

 I think in reality the issue is just a corruption with the map file, because when I rolled it back to one of the autosaves and re-did everything, the issue never reappeared (yet).
1431 days ago
I'm getting this error as well, I did something on accident when messing with the smoothing layers and I have no idea what I did. Kinda annoying
1431 days ago
how did you resolve the issue? You shouldn't just delete the thread, other people may also have this issue and need to know how to fix it.
1437 days ago
That would be cool. I'm currently working on a map and the start room has the same layout as Shi No Numa's start room because that was the first map that really got me into COD Zombies.
1440 days ago
Nice one Drew, will re-dl & give it a try.
Thanks for the update.

Hope you enjoy!
2252 days ago
Version 1.1 of Strangeland has been released including various improvements and additions to the map made to enhance the experience further. If you have played Strangeland and enjoyed it, then I suggest you try the new updated version. This will be the final version unless any game breaking issues come to light, so thank you for playing and enjoy!
2253 days ago
NOt bad Drew i like the MAp.  ::)
Thanks for playing :)
2259 days ago
Good map but you really need to fix the clipping issue on the doorway next to the teleportor down below from where double tap is, i got stuck on it on solo and had to restart the map

Don't worry I'm working on it right now :)

Post Merge: July 16, 2014, 09:38:31 pm
Good map but you really need to fix the clipping issue on the doorway next to the teleportor

My team mate got stuck in a wall

The glitch has been fixed, just download the updated version and if you are playing with anyone else make sure they have the updated version as well (1.03) :)
2265 days ago
the start looks like FIVE :D also nice map
Thanks I appreciate it  ;D
2265 days ago
Nice looking map,  only found two symbols so far, god knows where the other two are.

My team mate got stuck in a wall and i died and came back with no hands! lol apart from that is a really good map with smooth gameplay, we will keep trying

Thanks for the feedback, I'm working to fix the glitches you mentioned but I'm glad you're enjoying the map!
2265 days ago
try again, I fixed the link
2266 days ago

Update 1.1
Set in an abandoned Nazi mine somewhere in Berlin, you find yourself fighting off undead Nazi's shortly after World War II. The ghost of Roebuck haunts this land, and occasionally possesses some of the zombies, until they are killed and he is able to find a new host to possess. Find your way to the valley to reactivate the power and discover the secrets of this strange land...


  • Five Style Teleporter system
  • UGX Bank
  • Paragalor's "Moon Style Bosses"
  • Buyable Ending
  • Hidden Pack a Punch
  • Black Ops Perks
  • ZK's Shootable Door(s) (P.A.P.)
  • Zombie Counter
  • Black Ops Solo Quick Revive
  • No Dog Rounds
  • Black Ops 2 Shaders

BTW this is my first map, so help is always welcome

CREDITS: (Tutorials, scripts, help, etc.)
- Tom_BMX
- AwesomePieMan
- UGX Treminaor
- BlackJackJohnny

Change Log
  • (1.0.3)
             -Fixed wall glitch in pentagon room
             -Fixed wall glitch on teleporter next to power
             -Added a rock outside near power (It was too easy to run trains before)

  • (1.0.4)
            -Fixed Black Ops perk machine lights

  • (1.0.5)
            -Added loadscreen

  • (1.0.7)
            -Fixed Pack a Punch barrier glitch
            -Added new walking animations (thanks to Ray1235)

  • (1.1) Final Release
            -New start weapon (pack-a-punchable)
            -New wall weapon (pack-a-punchable)
            -Increased bank withdraw limit ( 25 instead of 8 ) before penalty
            -Increased buyable ending price
            -COD-4 Viewhands

2266 days ago


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