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I have a lot of imagination <3 Good luck in the development ^^ 
451 days ago
I made the zombies run from round one so that the start of the map was not too slow and the zombies are aggressive because that's how they work in waw there's nothing I can do about it

In others custom map the zombies are not too aggressives..
517 days ago
great map! Excellent
By the way. The zombies run in round 1 .. And they are very aggressive, their attacks are almost instantaneous and they also push you when you are very close to them. It is very uncomfortable. Could you fix or improve those things?  :gusta: :rainbow:
519 days ago

Double Post Merge: July 01, 2018, 08:48:12 am

I love that weapos..  :nyan: :rainbow:
519 days ago
Just two things:
1. How i can change the starting weapon on Minecraft Village? Change colt reaper for RK5.  ---  :derp:

2. Can you put the maps separately? as "minecraft village remastered" (for example). With the icons that were omitted is this mappack (gumblegums icons, elemental upgrade, etc ..).  :troll:
524 days ago
Looks so good, but put full BO3 weapons! ^^
525 days ago
Update it with BO3 Weapons PLZ! that will be 'Wunderfull
673 days ago
In this update (halloween) i can see the icon gumblegum, neither; only the name of the gumblegum, example: "(C) Perkaholic"

I need Help please..
723 days ago


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