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Hmm thats weird, how it doesnt work with notepad. I use notepad++ so never have any problems

Indeed. This is what was causing my issue. When I used HexEditor it worked. And works fine with notepad++ too, just not seems to work with notepad.
2209 days ago

Please, if you could.
2220 days ago
Now I managed to get rid of my problem above but after I get the bear in wunderfizz the money is not given back (like it happens on mystery box). Also, The 4 original perks do not respect the perk limit I set in _zombiemode.gsc. Help please, this is very weird.
2220 days ago
Exactly, I was just typing it: this would work with notepad but this hxd you indicated is better and less confusing.
2224 days ago
Thats good! Just out of curiosity, what was the problem?

Notepad was the problem. I downloaded HxD Hex Editor and changed the material with it, then the weapons showed up fine.
2224 days ago
ProGamerzFTW helped me on skype and it worked. +1 respect to both of you  :D
2224 days ago
Alright and what happened when changing it to the PaP skin a 2nd time? (You probably accidentalt got rid of something important the 1st time.

I didn't change it for the second time, but... what do you think about I send you the file and you change it, so we can test it and make sure it was edited correctly?
2224 days ago
you mentioned you used maya also? did you delete the xmodels and xmodel parts and xmodel surfs for the upgraded version that you made in maya. If not, delete all those everything with GUNNAME_upgraded and then retry this tutorial
Actually I did not use maya for this specific weapon, so this issue is not to be considered

Was the gun working fine before you did this? If so you probably messed up your xmodel file.

To test, I did the following process:
Went to raw>xmodel and deleted the "viewmodel_desert_eagle_upgraded"
Then I copied and pasted "viewmodel_desert_eagle" and added _upgraded to it's end without changing the materials to mtl_silver_etching. When I upgraded my weapon it showed up normal (not with pap skin obviously) but it was not invisible.
2224 days ago
Yes I got this:
ERROR: xmodel 'viewmodel_desert_eagle_upgraded' out of date (version 8217, expecting 25).
failed loading xmodel 'viewmodel_desert_eagle_upgraded' for asset 'viewmodel_desert_eagle_upgraded' found in source file '../zone_source/mod.csv'
failed loading 'viewmodel_desert_eagle_upgraded' of type 'xmodel' found in source file '../zone_source/mod.csv'

Post Merge: June 02, 2014, 04:48:19 pm
Oh, now you pointed it out, it looks like this really should be the problem. Please tell me you know how to solve this ::)
2224 days ago
Is your regular non paped ported weapons working? or is it just whenever you pap it with this tutorial. If its just this tutorial i forgot to mention in your mod.csv in launcher add
also make sure you added the 2 xmodels for your gunmodel and worldmodel

Post Merge: June 02, 2014, 04:36:03 pm
Updated the tutorial with the material,mtl_silver_etching line

The weapons texture and anims before pap show up correctly. I didn't include this line "material,mtl_silver_etching" before, but I'm not sure if this is gonna help because the _upgraded model shows up invisible in asset viewer as well. Weird, isn't it?

Post Merge: June 02, 2014, 04:41:35 pm
No result including ""material,mtl_silver_etching"" in csv :(
2224 days ago
I don't know why but my weapons are showing invisible. Maybe I am missing some files in raw> material or raw>material_properties? I really need to get this done but no way is working for me, neither this, neither maya... please help!
2224 days ago
I got an error saying "couldn't load image vending_porter_shader". I followed your tutorials about BO perks, Eletric Cherry, Vulture Aid and Wunderfizz and compiled all at once. Any help?
2225 days ago


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