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1242 days ago
I just got done playin this map again an seriously guys this is so good! the second you made the zombie spawn faster just put treyarchs maps to shame (since they decided not to add anything extra) I hope you do updates on this map to keep it fresh and new (maybe dog and panzer rounds) maybe on the infinite round right before the truck parachutes in. idk but seriously great map guys. Can't wait to see what you guys can do on Bo3!
1309 days ago
thank you for fixing zombie spawns it is A LOT more challenging to stay alive especially when you go in the bunker I tried messing around with the zombies down there and almost got trapped haha :D great work guys seriously epic map!
1363 days ago
YEEESSS! so pumped i didnt wanna beat the EE till this happened! can't wait!
1364 days ago
nice update I noticed that glitch by deadshot but the zombies pushed me off the edge so thanks for that zombies! Still haven't figured out why it takes so long for zombies to spawn? Seems like the zombies can't really figure out where you are so they have a hard time spawning. Ive noticed that when your by speed cola they spawn downstairs but just sit there in that window waiting for you to come down and say hello. Hope you figure out this problem soon because like I said early this map is fantastic and def one of my favorite custom maps of all time! Keep up that good work guys!
1371 days ago
this map is spectacular!!! but I'm coming into a problem its either when I open up more of the map or something when I'm on round 5 or higher the zombies seem to take a long time to spawn in. Anyone else having this problem? Seriously great map its one of my new favorite custom maps
1376 days ago
i figured it out, i needed the lanfix
1380 days ago
when and if you do this 1.1.2 update can you please add the dogs this map def needs them! I love this map so much definetely is the best well rounded map ive ever played really does feel like kino! A hitler health bar upon completion of the EE would be greatly appreciated. Havent beaten it yet the raygun splash damage kind of downed me but was so close to ending hitlers wrath KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!
1386 days ago
it keeps crashing everytime I try to start the game, any suggestions?
1401 days ago


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