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Hate to ping this but I can't seem to run requiem, or any maps for that matter, when I open the console after launching with the mod and i type "/map nazi_zombie_ugx_requiem" and then enter it just doesn't start, this happens for all maps and I've tried pinging several place about this, i've also tried ugxrequiem, just requiem, no nazi_zombie prefix, just ugx_requiem, etc, but i just can't start it, that being said, maps like Dead ship, which edit the start screen i can paly just fine by doing /map dead_ship, or just clicking the play solo button. is anyone else having this issue? Other information I could give including OS:Windows 10, mods folder in C:/users/myusername/AppDate/Activision/CoDWaW/mods. If there is more information needed please respond.
1457 days ago


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